Parameter Modification

Press and hold (set key) for 5 seconds. When the nixie tube displays PD, press (up key) or down key) to enter the correct password, and then press (set key) to confirm. After the password is correct, you can enter the menu. Long press the SET key till it displays PD for parameter modifications, press UP or DOWN to enter the password and press SET to confirm.

Safety Warning

  • .Due to transportation safety regulations, the machine you received may not contain freon. Machine needs to be filled with freon before use. Running without freon can seriously damage the machine!
  • .Freon re-filling and future maintenance must be performed by professional and technical person who comply with local installation and maintenance codes and rules and have rich installation and maintenance experience, Please refer to the machine name plate for the amount of freon re-filling.
  • .Sharp edges and coil surfaces are harmful and should be avoided
  • .lf unit is not powered on for a long time, in the environment of s0C, the water in the heat exchanger and water tank may freeze which resulting in cracking. lf not in use, please drain water.
  • .Power switch should be set in 1.4 meters or above where children can not reach.
Code Menu Content Range Default Company
F01 Temperature Return Difference 0.3~10 2
F02 Temperature Correction -5~5 0
F03 Start Delay  1~5 3 min
F04 Menu Password 0~255 95
F05 Defrost Time 1~45 3 min
F06 Defrost Cycle 10~240 60 min
F07 0: Celcius/1:Fahrenheit
F08 Working Mode HC~C HC
F09 Heating Mode 0~1 1 min
F10 Detection port shielding OFF~ON OFF
F11 Upper Temperature Limit -19~70 40
F12 Lower Temperature Limit 70~19 0
F13 Current Overload Protection 0~25 8 A
F14 Overload Delay Protection 2~29 10 sec
F15 AbnormalTemperature Alarm 0~8 0
F16 O3/UV Sterilization 0~180 60   min


Indicator Light

Icon Name Hengliang Representative Extinguish represents Flashing Representative
  Refrigeration lamp Cooling Stop Refrigeration Compressors delaying
constant temperature Target Temperature Reached Not at Target Temperature
Heating lamp Heating in Progress Stop Heating Compressor is Delaying
Defrost lamp Defrosting Stop Defrosting Compressor is Delaying
Networking lamp Connected to the Internet Not Connected to the Internet In Distribution Network




Overall Appearance And Size



1.Must be turned off when taking a cold plunge.

2.Turns off autometically after 60mins of working.Can be turned back on manually.

3.Service life is around 3000 hours.

4.Due to the corrosiveness of ozone,please take note to replace any rubber hoses.


Full Range of Product Models And Sizes

MODEL 9000BTU 12000BTU 18000BTU
Setting temperature range 3~40°C(Factory default 3C)
Filteration Folded paper 30um
O-zone/UV 30~50mg/h
Inflow/Outflow size DN15 Inner Thread
Water pump type Non-self priming
Note: the above specifications may subject to change without prior notice.



Suggested to replace filter every 3 months.

1.Use a wrench to unscrew the filter bottle:

2.Remove the old filterand replace with a new one:

3.Cap the bottle and make sure it’s fastened.

4. Check for water leakage before the replacements complete.

Electric Control lnstruction

Front of Display

Cold plunge Control Panel


Icon Name Description
Power Key Press to power on/off the unit.
Set Key Press once to adjust the setting temperature. Press and long hold to enter the menu to modify the operating parameters.
Up Key Used to adjust parameters upward.
Down key Used to adiust parameters downward.
Sterilizer Used to turn on/off the O3 /UV output

Installation Precaution

Warning: there is a built in non-self priming water pump at the filter ensure the filter is pre-filled with water before starting each time!