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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why has condensate water come out from the chiller?

    This is caused by temperature difference between the inside and outside of the chiller pipe system.

    Is the 120volt chiller suitable for use in the United States?

    Answer: It is applicable. It can be used with voltages between 100-140V and 60HZ specifications. The following is information about our refrigeration machines :Chiller system:1 HP Cooler Motor,110V 60hz or 220V 50/60HZ options. system Setting temp 3~40℃, . water can lower 4-5 degress / per hour. 610G R410a freon/refrigerant for 1set, waterproof IPX4

    Are there water pumps and filtration systems inside the chiller?

    The ice chiller already has PPS water pump inside. And the chiller also have an optional with an integrated filter system& ozone system. Filter system is PP &PET material ,water resistance 5-45 degree ,maximum operating 35kg ,and it come with 5 microns paper cartridge. The amount of ozone generated is about 30-50mg/h.

    Why has smoke coming out from the chiller?

    When chiller is defrosting under the heater mode, it may generate smoke-like vapors. This is normal.


    The filter mainly filters hair, dandruff, etc. from entering the chiller system to ensure the normal operation of the chiller. If you
    want to achieve the purpose of purifying water, you can add flocculant and water purifier for clarification treatment.

    How to perform maintenance during extreme weather?How to prevent pipelines from freezing and breaking?

    It will need to blow out all the water in the pipes, and fill them with water again when starting up later.Because if has water inside the pipes,it will freezing and crack.

    Question and answer about the change and maintenance of the filter?

    1. service life of the cover of the filter is 5-10 years.
    2. if you will clean the filter three times or twice a week, change the filter element every year is available

    How many types of refrigerant are there?

    Currently, both r410a and R32 refrigerants can be used in the 110v test. The United States requires refrigerants to be R32 and R454B.

    Can chlorine produced by ozone control pH?

    Answer: No, the PH value is acidic and alkaline, ozone is for disinfection and sterilization, and the PH value is not controlled by ozone.

    About the daily use of Chiller:

    1: Make sure No any shelter of air inlet and outlet.
    2: Clean the Filter net/filter element before use.
    3: Do not remove the top cover when chiller is working.
    4: Cover the lid of tub when chiller is working to energy saving.

    Normal Phenomenon:

    1: Pipe/internal housecover/Tub have condensate is natural phenomenon, caused by temperature difference.
    2: Fan only begin to work after start machine in 3 mins is normal.
    3: Noise around 55 decibels is normal.
    4: When the temperature reached the set value, the cooling stop is normal, the pump continues to work is normal.
    5: 1-2 degrees temperature difference between the control panel display and the real water temperature is normal.