1HP Cold Plunge Chiller And Filter Unit

1HP Cold Plunge Chiller With Filter System

Cold Plunge Chiller Basic Parameters


Model : 9000BTU


Size : 800X480X475mm

Minimum Temperature: 0-4℃

Refrigerant Charge: R410a/680g

Setting Temperature Range :  3~40C(Factory default 3C)

Fllteration : Folded paper 30um

O-zone/UV : 30~50mg/h

Water Pump Type : Non-self priming




Coldchiller Cold Plunge Chiller Product Features and Design                                                                    

  • Cold therapy machine for Cold Punge
  • Sleek and Elegant Cooling Machine Design
  • Integrated Features of the Cooling Machine
  • Cold Plunge Chiller Combination of Filter System ,Ozone System , and Control Panels

Our cold plunge chiller unit features a simple and elegant design. Specifically designed for cold water therapy, it finds its primary applications in gyms, spa centers, and hot spring resorts.It can also be used in combination with sauna rooms in high-end hotels, resorts, and swimming pools to create an experience of ice and fire.

1HP Cold Plunge Chiller And Filter Unit
1HP Cold Plunge Chiller And Filter Unit

Cold Plunge Chiller Product Features and Benefits

  • Aluminum Radiator Grille
  • Lightweight Design
  • Excellent Thermal Conductivity
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Increased Lifespan of Cold Plunge Chiller

Our cold plunge chiller radiator grille is made entirely of aluminum,
offering numerous advantages such as lightweight design, excellent thermal conductivity, and corrosion resistance. These features increase the lifespan of your cold plunge chiller.The quality of our coldchiller products is unquestionably reliable.

Cold Plunge Chiller Unit Filtration System and Features 

  • Cold Plunge Chiller Filtration System
  • Immediate Water Impurity Filtration
  • External Installation for Convenience
  • 30-Micron Folded Paper Filter
  • Easy Installation and Replacement

Our cold plunge chiller filtration system is installed at the water inlet, which can filter out impurities in the water immediately. Our filtration system is installed outside and is a removable Folded paper 30um. It is easy to install and can be easily removed and replaced.

1HP Cold Plunge Chiller And Filter Unit
1HP Cold Plunge Chiller And Filter Unit

Cold Plunge Chiller Portability and Mobility

  • Cold Plunge Chiller with Movable Wheels
  • Convenience of Self-Moving Chiller
  • Ice Bath On-the-Go
  • Customer Convenience with Portable Chiller

Our cold plunge chiller is equipped with 4 movable wheels, which is convenient for customers to move by themselves. Customers can take an ice bath wherever they want.

Cold Plunge Chiller Unit Quality Assurance and Testing  

  • Rigorous Testing for Cold Plunge Chiller
  • Commitment to Quality Assurance
  • Thorough Testing of Each Chiller Machine
  • Ensuring Quality through Rigorous Testing

Our cold plunge chiller undergoes rigorous testing prior to leaving the factory. We are committed to quality assurance, and we ensure that each machine undergoes thorough testing. Our testing criteria include the proper functioning of the cold plunge chiller and its filtration system.
The cold plunge chiller unit cools down as expected and undergoes continuous ,Test time 10-24 hours testing until it reaches the desired temperature. After testing, we inspect the chiller’s condition, including checking for potential blockages in the pipes, ensuring normal water flow, verifying correct installation, and assessing for any signs of abnormal water leakage within the system. Throughout the chiller’s operation, we also monitor the proper functioning of the water pump, evaluate the noise level of the cooling system, and address a series of other concerns, all aimed at ensuring our commitment to quality first.

1HP Cold Plunge Chiller And Filter Unit