Bets Water Chiller For Ice Bath

ColdChiller Manufacturer presents its latest Water Chiller design, featuring a unique appearance. Notably, it provides a wide range of customization options in various styles, allowing you to choose from a variety of colors. Below, you’ll discover two showcased color options to suit your preferences.

Cool Down Quickly

Enjoy cold therapy in a timely manner

Simple Operation

Water chiller controller Convenient operation

Speed Up Recovery

Quickly restores muscle soreness and inflammation

Enhance Immunity

Stimulate immune system Enhance immunity

Ideal with Ice Bath Tubs: The Versatile Water Chiller

This water chiller is specially designed for cold plunge tubs, enhancing the cooling effect and ensuring easy operation. It allows enthusiasts to enjoy a refreshing experience and can also be used with various ice bath tubs for added versatility.

Utilizing a Water Chiller enhances your ice bath experience.

Enhance your ice bath experience with our new chiller. Enjoy unprecedented muscle recovery and relief. Contact us to inquire about the latest water chiller

Water Chiller Front Detail View

Touchpad Control Panel

Convenient Removable Wheels

Air Outlet Fan

Water Chiller Side Detail

Water Inlet And Outlet

Filter system (Filter)




Water Chiller Drainage System

Water Drainage Hole

Drainage link Hose


Water Chiller Back Detail

Aluminum Air Inlet Filter Gauge

Protective Grille

Water Chiller Accessories



Filter Cartridge

Filter Wrench

Chiller waterdrainage tube