As winter approaches, the weather is getting colder. Usually at this time, people begin to increase their demand for insulation due to the body’s instinctive needs. people start turning on the heater at home, increasing the using of the hot tub and the sauna at home. But in recent years. Many people tend to have another completely opposite option, which is cold plunge. For the uninitiated, they have no idea why ice bath has become a new practice for people and quickly attracted a large number of followers in a short period of time. An increasing number of ice bath enthusiasts are willing to spend thousands of dollars on best cold plunge tubs and use them more and more frequently and skillfully.

Coldchiller As a manufacturer of ice bath tubs and water chiller, we have witnessed this product go from being ignored to being slowly accepted by people, and now, people’s demand for ice bath tubs and water chiller are increasing more quickly.  

Cold plunge lovers from all over the world are happily sharing their ice bath experiences with each other by the videos, comments etc. They enjoy the physical and mental benefits the ice bath brings to them, and they are open about sharing these interesting experiences to let more people know about ice bath. “I like to take an ice bath after completing my home exercise. It’s pretty good! The ice bath helps my body and mind quickly return to the best state. The physical exercise releases my muscles and brain. The ice bath will help me get rid of the fatigue caused by physical exertion, so that I can still maintain a stable mood and concentrated mind.” A fitness enthusiast shared his ice bath experience and the him ice bath benefits

Now more and more ice bath enthusiasts are willing to purchase a set of their own ice bath tub and gradually familiar to this product. However, since ice bath tub and chiller are new products in the market, ice bath enthusiasts have also encountered many problems in how to use and maintenance the ice bath tub and chiller correctly. In this article, we will share some of the problems we encountered during the test of our ice bath, as well as some of the issues discussed by ice bath tubs users during the use of their ice bath tub, hoping to get the answers and solutions for those needed people.

During the use of ice bath tubs, people will encounter various problems. One of problem they often talking is the leakage of cold plunge tub and cold plunge chiller . So what are the main leakage problems do they met?

What Do Ice Baths Do ? -- An Article To Let You Know About Ice Baths

For an completed ice bat tub, the product generally consists of a  bath tub (mostly with liner)+ a cold plunge chiller unit . These two parts are connected through the outside pipes, and the water in the bath tub is heated and cooled through water circulation by the chiller.

Therefore, whether an ice bath tub can work smoothly or not depends on whether these two parts can work properly. Ice bath users found that some ice bath tubs leaked the first time using after they were connected . This brought great difficulties to their use, because as the cold plunge chiller worked, the water in the bath tub leaked continuously decreasing. This not only causes a waste of water and also brings great inconvenience, when they ready to take the ice bath, the water is not enough. In fact, the reasons for external pipe leakage when using the Ice Bath Tub can be referenced below:

(1)One Of The Most Direct Reasons Is Improper Selection Of Pipe Materials.

We can see that many ice bath tubs on the market using the hard pipes to connect the bath tub and the chiller, but the adaptability of the hard pipes to the environment is relatively poor. If ordinary connectors are used, the pipes will easily loosen after tightening, and If the ice bath tub is transported or moved after being connected early, the connectors are prone to misalignment, more easily causing leakage of the pipe during use.

(2)In Addition to Pipes And Connectors,

leakage may also occur in the liner of the ice bath tub. This situation occurs more often in inflatable ice bath tubs or bath tubs with poor quality liner. In order to reduce costs of the products and get a lower sales price, some manufacturers use inferior materials and rough workmanship to their bath tub liner, which may cause leakage in the product liner during use.

Therefore, when purchasing an ice bath, the material of the pipes, the type of connectors, the thickness of the liner and other details are worth knowing and confirming with the seller.

When use ice bath tubs at the first time,  some users will find that water leakage occurs inside the water chiller during the chiller works. Regarding this type of internal leakage, we generally discuss it in two situations:

(1)First We Will Consider Whether There is a Leakage Of Condensation Water.

Because cold plunge chiller is just like air conditioner, with the temperature getting cold during the cooling process, moisture will liquefy inside and on the surface of the chiller to form condensation water. Normally condensation water is difficult to 100% avoid from the cold plunge chiller unit . However, when used the ice baht tub at indoors, water leakage will make the ground wet and water will accumulate, which will indeed cause inconvenience to the user. So drain pipes are recommended if possible. Professional production factories will also add insulation materials to the inside of the machine and bath tub during the production, which is very effective in avoiding condensation. When we buy our own cold plunge tub , we can also confirm detail advance whether this problem has been considered in their water chiller and has been solved.

2)The Poor Quality Of Hardware And Poor Connection Craft Problems Are Another Reasons Cause The Internal leakage of Water Chiller.

According to the testing experience, since the water chiller is constantly trembling during operation, if poor connectors, screws and other hardware are used to the chiller, these accessories will be easily worn during use, and thread wear will occur over time. When this situation of the component occurs, water leakage will occur. This kind of internal leakage will difficult to solve, as the internal component will need to be replaced. Since the internal structure of a chiller is not simple(compressor, pump, filter etc including), when encountering this situation, we will recommend consult to the professional maintenance personnel for help, or when purchasing the chiller, find out whether the manufacturer has considered it when selecting internal parts and how to solve it when problem comes out to make the it reasonably avoided. 

Summarize :

Ice bath tubs and water chillers are utilized in tandem. Regardless of the product manufacturer or supplier, a 100% problem-free guarantee cannot be provided. Our products undergo market testing and continuous optimization for improvement. Contact us to embark on your business journey.