There are numerous factors that dictate the required size of the Chiller for cold soaking. At ColdChiller, we believe these are the primary considerations influencing the dimensions of the Cold Plunge Chiller

Water Volume:

The size of the cold plunge tub determines its water capacity. Normally, the water volume for an individual’s cold plunge ranges from 380 to 757 liters (100 to 200 gallons). This depends on whether the water fully submerges the person during the cold plunge. If multiple people are using the cold plunge, a greater water volume will be required.

Water Depth:

The recommended water depth by ColdChiller is typically 90 to 120 cm (3 to 4 feet). However, if the goal is to completely submerge the body, additional water needs to be added.   

“Different amounts of water necessitate varying sizes of cold plunge water chillers. To select the appropriate size, it is crucial to first clarify your specific requirements.”

coldchiller two person cold plunge tub
coldchiller two person cold plunge tub

Geographic environment and ambient temperature significantly influence the selection of an appropriately sized cold plunge chiller. The geographical conditions determine the initial water temperature, which varies between seasons. Taking summer as an example, the water temperature in China ranges from 25℃ to 30℃ (77℉ to 86℉), in the United States from 20℃ to 30℃ (68℉ to 86℉), and in Canada from 25℃ to 30℃ (77℉ to 86℉). the Middle East countries like Kuwait and Iran in , summer water temperatures may exceed 30°C (95°F to 104°F).

The recommended water temperature for a cold plunge is generally between 10°C and 15°C (50°F and 60°F). A high-power chiller is effective in achieving and maintaining this temperature, leading to a shorter cooling time. ColdChiller’s best cold plunge chiller, for instance, exhibits an average temperature drop of 4-5°C per hour (39.2°F to 41°F). Due to variations in original water quality, the required size of the cold plunge water chiller differs. It is essential to clearly define your requirements when selecting a chiller with the appropriate power. While a lower-power chiller can function adequately, the cooling process will take longer.”

However, for the most professional advice, feel free to contact ColdChiller directly.

The recommended water temperature for a cold plunge typically falls between 10°C and 15°C (50°F and 60°F). However, individual preferences vary, with some individuals seeking the challenge of even lower temperatures. Despite the chiller’s power, reaching temperatures as low as 3-4°C is a matter of time. Certain athletes, like NBA stars, may opt for colder temperatures ranging from 5 to 10 degrees Celsius (41°F to 50°F). In the documentary “Chris Hemsworth: Challenging the Limits,” swimming in the extremely cold Arctic Circle is showcased as a means to stimulate the body’s potential and enhance psychological resilience in an exceptionally cold environment. This practice aligns with the principles of cold Plunge therapy.

Ultimately, the choice of water temperature for a cold plunge depends on individual tolerance and preference. If an extremely cold water temperature is desired, one can opt for both the extreme conditions of nature and a high-power cold plunge chiller to achieve and maintain the desired temperature. 

Athletes use cold plunge tub

To utilize a cold plunge effectively, athletes often turn to water chillers for cold therapy after training, alleviating muscle pain. Preparation involves turning on the cold plunge chiller before the workout and using it afterward. Sauna enthusiasts, who appreciate the combination of hot and cold baths, can opt for a cold plunge tub with a chiller, allowing sufficient cooling time after an ice bath in the sauna. This method is convenient, though other approaches, such as pre-stored ice or ice cubes, can also cool the water.

In outdoor settings like streams or lakes during winter, natural conditions can achieve the desired temperature. For frequent use, ColdChiller recommends a cold plunge tub with a chiller that possesses heat preservation capabilities. This eliminates the need for frequent manual adjustments.Currently, our cold plunge chiller from coldchiller can fully meet your daily needs and withstand frequent use. If you have any questions, please contact us. We are committed to providing professional answers and suggestions.

Outdoor cold therapy

ColdChiller Water Chiller For Cold Plunge offers a variety of styles for  chillers, each with different power capacities and varying cooling efficiencies. The following test results, conducted in winter with a water temperature of 25°C and an insulation cover, are provided for reference (based on the amount of water for one person):

A 1hp cold plunge chiller, equivalent to approximately 0.75 kW, exhibits a cooling effect of about 2-3℃ (35.6 to 37.4 degrees Fahrenheit) in one hour.

A 1.5hp cold plunge chiller, approximately 1.1 kW, demonstrates a cooling effect of about 4-5℃ (39.2 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit) in one hour.

The larger 1hp cold plunge chiller, around 0.9 kW, yields a cooling effect of about 3-4℃ (37.4 to 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit) in one hour.

A 2hp cold plunge chiller, roughly 1.5 kW, produces a cooling effect of about 5-6℃ (41 to 42.8 degrees Fahrenheit) in one hour.

These values are provided for reference purposes only.

coldchiller chiller + cold plunge tub

The selection of a cold plunge chiller size is contingent upon individual usage conditions and the environment in which it is utilized. For the convenience and swiftness of cold therapy, we strongly recommend the use of a cold plunge tub with a chiller. If you have any inquiries or concerns regarding cold plunge chillers, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist you.